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MSDS software sample screen below:

In section 1 of the MSDS, you can select one or more formats that you want to support.
GHS SDS Conversion: Check the GHS box to add GHS support to any existing 16 part MSDS.

Click on the MSDS section tabs to jump to any section of the MSDS.

MSDS software screenshot

Create new GHS (M)SDSs or convert existing MSDSs to GHS SDSs to comply with the OSHA GHS compatible hazard communication standard. The GHS classifications can be generated using the available GHS Classification Wizard, derived from ingredients, or selected manually. The classifications and the associated hazard, precaution, response, and storage/disposal phrases appear on both the GHS SDS and GHS hazard labels.

MSDS software screenshot

In addition to text entry, MSDSs can be scanned and stored as images or downloaded from the web.

MSDS software sample preview screen below:

Easily create Hazard Labels. HMIS III, NFPA or create your own format.

MSDS management and authoring software screen

Printed MSDS examples:

Below are two examples of MSDSs printed from the MIRS™ MSDS software module.

MIRS™ provides tremendous flexibility to customize the content and appearance of your MSDSs, from dozens of options to customize your MSDS appearance, ranging from fonts, print size, spacing, colors, graphics, and characters, to the ability to include trade names, part numbers, container sizes, VOC and HAP/volume content, pH levels, Reference numbers, RTECs numbers, UPC/EAN numbers, and more.

MIRS™ supports creation of MSDSs in the orginal OSHA 9-part format and the OSHA GHS, ANSI, Canadian, and European 16-part formats, options to include your company's logo or standard policy information and disclaimers. Also includes ample user-defined fields to add both fields and fields labels in each MSDS section.

Example 1: US OSHA GHS SDS.

MSDS software screenshot:  Printed GHS MSDS

Example 2: Original ANSI MSDS (supported after June 2015 for old MSDSs in the (M)SDS archive).

MSDS software screenshot:  Printed ANSI MSDS

Use the MIRS™ MSDS module to put your company's (M)SDSs on an internet or intranet website, as seen below:

Convenient OSHA Hazard Communication compliance tool!

  • MSDSs can be text-based, PDF, JPG, GIF or TIFF formats.
  • Include Emergency Response Plans, Safety Guidelines, facility diagrams or any other documents that you want to make accessible to employees.
  • You can reorder the list by Manufacturer, Product name, CAS#, revision date and more.
  • Includes a hyperlinked Glossary of EH&S terms.

MSDS software webpage screenshot

The MSDS Module produces a variety of GHS, NFPA, HMIS, custom labels and Hazard Summary sheets, with examples below:

MSDS software GHS hazard label

MSDS Software Hazard Label:  HMIS III

MSDS software hazard label: NFPA

MSDS Software:  Hazard Summary


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